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"You are invited to stop struggling, pushing and doubting yourself.

Women's lives move in interconnected cycles and rhythmic spirals. YOUR RESPONSE to these transitions will influence your growth on physical, emotional and spiritual level.

Stop working against your nature and start being present and accepting of your inner seasons. It's like accepting an invitation to dance to the rhythms that move us.

When you become aware of the inner and outer cycles, the practice of yoga becomes a way to connect to inner wisdom and guidance, respecting the body and her cycles and honouring the cycles of the moon."

What if you could..

Flow with the changes taking place in your life without worrying

Feel empowered in the rhythm and flow of your ever-changing life

Listen to your body and doing a practice that balances your energies

Stop pushing or pressuring yourself anymore

Accept yourself as perfect, whole and complete and understand why 

Realise that every emotion and season serves its purpose

Create from abundance, pleasure and excitement

Align your actions with your inner truth every day 

The practices in the training have allowed me to:

  • Live a life in flow: I create and live from inspiration
  • Unlock my divine feminine essence: being a women is going through cycles with ease and grace
  • Use my emotions as an internal navigation system to live my life purpose
  • Do a yoga practice that connects me with a higher power every day and aligns my actions with my inner truth

You will leave this training..

Full Of Clarity

about your body’s, nature’s and the universe’s cycles

Inspired To Embody

the different seasonal energies in your practice 

Empowered With Knowledge

Ayurveda, Astrology and Yoga

"Isabelle has a true gift in sharing her passion with others. She is authentic and knowledgeable, and practices what she preaches. Her dedication shines through, and it's infectious. I've been practicing yoga for many years, and I'm a teacher myself, however, my practice isn't always consistent. Taking part in her 21 Day Kickstart to a Home Yoga Practice has instigated the fire in me again: I'm ready to deepen my yoga journey and dive into the books and practices all over again. Thank you Isa! 🙏🏼"


Yoga Teacher

What's in the "Stop Doing Yoga, Start Living Yoga" training?

Every week you’ll get:

  • 45 minute yoga session
  • 15 minute meditation or 15 minute pranayama
  • 90 minute workshops
  • PDF Course Material
  • Weekly homework to embody the knowledge
  • Feedback, guidance and support from Isabelle and the community

Scroll down for the week by week overview

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"In April, I joined the 21 Day Kickstart To a Home Yoga Practice with Isabelle and it was everything I could have hoped for and more. In addition to some amazing yoga sequences that she specifically designed for this workshop, we had weekly Zoom classes where she would share her insights and knowledge about yoga, its origins and how to take our yoga practice to the next level.

I especially enjoyed the calls because they were interactive and we got to share our ideas and ask our most burning questions. We also had some exercises to help us reflect at home and cultivate better practices for journaling and meditation. Besides the impressive knowledge that I gained from taking this 21-day workshop, I also feel an immense sense of gratitude toward Isabelle. She is so genuine, passionate and insightful and I would highly recommend her classes and workshops to anyone and everyone! Thank you, Isabelle Yoga!"



Week by week

overview of the training

(homework not shown)


Week 1: Cyclical Wisdom

LIVE WORKSHOP: Ayurveda & The Elements Part 1
Activating Winter Practice
Sama Vritti Pranayama

Week 2: Resting & Healing To Live In Wisdom & Power

LIVE WORKSHOP: Ayurveda & The Elements Part 2
Yin Winter Practice
Activating The Inner Gaze Mediation

Week 3: Tuning Into The Inner Cycles

LIVE WORKSHOP: Women's Rhythms & Cycles
Active Spring Practice
Surya Bedhana Pranayama

Week 4: Mastering Your Energy & Becoming Irresistable

LIVE WORKSHOP: The Dance of Masculine & Feminine Energy
Yin Spring Yoga
Kapalabhati Pranayama

Week 5: Awakening To The Genius Of The Planets

LIVE WORKSHOP: Introduction to astrology
Active Summer Practice
Ujjayi Pranayama

Week 6: Overcoming Whatever comes Your Way

LIVE WORKSHOP: What is a sadhana (spiritual practice) & how to create one
Yin Summer Yoga
Yoga Nidra

Week 7: Unlocking Your Creative Flow

LIVE WORKSHOP: Introduction to female-friendly yoga practice
Active Autumn Practice
Guided meditation: connect to your womb

Week 8: Learning The Signs Of Elemental Imbalances In Your Body

LIVE WORKSHOP: How To Bring Your Body In Balance With The Elements
Yin Autumn Practice
Yoga Nidra "Unfolding Your Cyclical Wisdom"

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